City Departments

  1. Building & Zoning Department

    City of Pipestone follows the 2007 State of Minnesota Building Codes & Requirements which by reference adopts the 2006 IBC (International Building Code).

  2. City Administration

    Find the contact information for the City Hall and any questions you might have.

  3. City Parks/Picnic Tables

    Check the City Public Parks in Pipestone, MN

  4. Hiawatha Lodge

    The Hiawatha Lodge was built as a tribute to all Hiawatha Club members, their families, and all Song of Hiawatha Pageant performers; and to recognize the positive impact the Pageant had on the Pipestone community. It is dedicated to promoting a greater life for present and future generations by meeting needs and creating opportunities in the Pipestone Area.

  5. Emergency Services

    Read about the Pipestone Ambulance Service and the PIpestone County Sheriff's Office.

  6. Fire Department

    The Pipestone Fire Department is made of up volunteers. We are very thankful for our Fire Department and their services to our community.

  7. Library

    See the online resource for the Meinders Community Library, located in Pipestone, MN.

  8. Local Access Cable

    Local Access Cable allows groups to promote community activities through cable television at the local level.

  9. Municipal Airport

    Learn more about the Pipestone Municipal Airport.

  10. Municipal Liquor Store

    Check out the hours for the Municipal Liquor Store.

  11. Park & Recreation Department

    Learn about recreation centers and programs adults and youth can take part in as a part of the Pipestone Parks and Recreation Department.

  12. Public Transportation

    The City of Pipestone's Transit Program has been in existence for approximately 24 years.

  13. Public Works

    Explore the Public Works Department to see what it is responsible for in the City of Pipestone.

  14. Road Construction Projects

    Stay up to date on roadwork with in the City of Pipestone.

  15. Water/WasteWater Department

    Review the functions of Pipestone Water Department.

  16. Utilities-New Resident

    Find valuable information on local utilities such as cable, electricity, natural gas, trash and recycling, etc.