Our Community

  1. New Residents

    Information for new residents in Pipestone, including important contact information on City services, and more.

  2. Pipestone Fun Facts

    See quick facts about Pipestone regarding topics such as population, location, transportation access, etc.

  3. Active Living

    Find out more about Pipestone Active Living and how you can get involved.

  4. Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

    View the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan document to see the details it covers.

  5. Church Directory

    Explore the resource directory to see a listing of all of the churches located in the city.

  6. Civic Groups

    View a list of civic groups serving the Pipestone community. Pipestone is proud of the success of its many groups and the impact they have had on the city.

  7. Community Events

    See calendars for events on the community and/or department level.

  8. Community News

    Review current news and announcements regarding the organization and/or community.

  9. Community Profile (PDF)

    View an overall profile of the City of Pipestone.

  10. Community Voice

    Learn about government and citizen interaction through suggesting initiatives, posting ideas, and participating in conversations around community proposals

  11. Home Initiative

    Pipestone Home Initiative (PHI) provides incentives to encourage the construction of new owner occupied housing units, and encourage replacement of dilapidated housing structures within the City of Pipestone.

  12. Historic District

    Your trip to Pipestone won't be complete without a visit to our Downtown Historic District. A trip down Main Street will take you to the heart of the district.

  13. Local News & Business

    Check out the Pipestone County Star Online news resource.

  14. Pipestone Forward

    Organization in Pipestone that has four core focus areas, each with its own chair person: Quality of Life, Community Image, Economic Development, and Finance. Laurie Ness, Dawn Heidebrink, Kyle Caskey and Kevin Paulsen serve as the respective chairs. The group’s ultimate goal is to engage a wide variety of people who want to make a difference in each of the focus areas to create a healthy community that leads to a sense of pride, a sense of belonging, a prosperous business community, a safe place to live and a great place to raise a family.

  15. Report a Concern

    Take advantage of the opportunity to submit concerns, complaints, and problems directly to the organization.

  16. Schools

    Locate information on Pipestone area schools at all levels.