Human Rights Commission

The Human Rights Commission is composed of not more than fifteen (15) members and not less than five (5) members appointed for three (3) year terms with the following goals: 

  • Motivate organizations and individuals to comply with the Minnesota Human Rights Act.
  • Champion proactive efforts to foster inclusion and understanding among the diverse people of the city and government institutions.
  • Anticipate and identify changes in the social environment that affects human and civil rights issues.
  • Actively work to create and strengthen its relationships with relevant public, private, and community-based organizations, in order to share information and cooperatively recognize and address emerging civil rights issues.
  • Develop opportunities for human rights education to promote an environment free of discrimination.
  • Promote, create, and maintain a community free from discrimination.
  • Maintain the confidence of the public by keeping the community informed of relevant changes pertaining to discrimination within the scope of all human rights issues.


Meeting Location

Meinders Community Library
1401 7th St SW
Pipestone, MN 56164

 Phone: (507) 825-3324

Human Rights Commission

Commission Members
Term Expires
Lauren Blacik Member January 2023
Dave Andres Member January 2024
Jim Perkins Member January 2025
Velda Maine Member January 2023
Eric DeRycke Member January 2024
Gabe Yellowhawk Member January 2025
Brian Aubert Member January 2023
Wes Kroening Member January 2024
Jessica Potts Member January 2025
Dray Potts Member January 2023
Jody Wacker Member January 2023
Claudia Appeldorn Ex-Officio  
Myron Koets Council Liaison January 2023

Meets 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m.

Appointments and Committees