Code RED

Stay notified with CodeRED.  

CodeRED is a high-speed emergency notification service used by multiple communities throughout the USA to deliver phone, text, and email alerts to subscribers utilizing geo-mapping and rapid communication technology.

The City of Pipestone, in conjunction with Pipestone County, uses CodeRED to notify local residents and businesses about time-sensitive and emergency situations.  The system allows the City to send non-life threatening "general" communications to the entire city or to targeted areas within the city in a matter of minutes. To receive general notifications, go to the CodeRED website, register, and check the "General Notifications" checkbox. Examples of general notifications include snow emergencies, water main breaks, fire hydrant flushing, sewer jetting, and any other situation that may affect the public in your specific area. 

Register with CodeRED to receive emergency alerts by signing up HERE.  

Text to enroll by texting "Pipestone" to 99411.  You will receive a link to a mobile version of the enrollment page.

CodeRED Mobile Alert App

Residents and visitors can receive enhanced public safety alerts no matter where you are located via the CodeRED Mobile Alert App.  This app delivers community and emergency notifications to individuals targeted within an impacted geographical area so that you may also receive timely notifications when you are on the road, away from home. All you have to do is download the CodeRED Mobile Alert App and you will be able to receive alerts anywhere in the country based on your phone location. 

Download the CodeRED app on your phone today. Learn more at CodeRED Mobile Alert App.

When you see the following phone numbers displayed, you will know the call is from us.
  • Emergency Notifications: (866) 419-5000 or Emergency Communication
  • General Notifications: (855) 969-4636 or General Communication
  • Weather Notifications: (800) 566-9780 or Weather Communication
Alert Type How to Receive Notifications Examples
Emergency Most Pipestone County land lines in the area of the emergency and anyone who registers online to CodeRED. Amber alerts, evacuations, active shooter, wildfire, monthly emergency systems test, etc.
General Go to CodeRED website, register, and check the "General Notifications" checkbox. Snow emergencies, water main breaks, road closures, etc.
Weather Go to CodeRED website, register, and check the "Weather Notifications" checkbox. Tornado, flash flood, thunderstorm or winter storm warnings, etc.
City of Pipestone-CodeRED