Economic Development Authority Board


The Economic Development Authority Board was established in order to promote the economic, commercial, and industrial development and redevelopment of the City. The Board consists of seven (7) members, three of whom must be members of the City Council and four of whom may be any citizen residing in the City. All commissioners are appointed by the Mayor with approval of the City Council.

The terms of the four commissioners who are not members of the City Council will have initial two, three, four and five years respectively, and thereafter will have six-year terms. The terms of each commissioner who is a member of the City Council shall coincide with that commissioner's term of office as a City Council member.


The Pipestone EDA has taken an active role in the City’s effort to eliminate blight in Pipestone. Thanks to generous donations from local businesses and residents, the EDA purchased and remodeled 2 homes that had been condemned. Under the direction of the MN West Carpentry Instructor, MN West  students and Pipestone Area High School students did much of the remodeling of the 2 homes, gaining valuable “hands on” experience.

Upon completion, the EDA sold the homes, recouping its costs and putting 2 once condemned properties back on the tax rolls, benefiting the County, School District and City.  The EDA has just begun a 3rd remodeling project with completion expected in Spring of 2020. This joint effort by the EDA, City, MN West and Pipestone Area Schools is a unique project that is helping to reduce the number of blighted properties in the City and add to the City’s tax base. Contact Jeff Jones at 507-825-3324 for more information. 

Meeting Location

  • Council Chambers
    City Hall
    119 2nd Ave. #9
    Pipestone, MN 56164

 Phone: (507) 825-3324

EDA Members

Commission Member   Term Expires
Dan Delaney Member January 2024
Scott Swanson Member January 2024
Rodger Smidt Member January 2024
Justin Schroyer Member January 2024
Verdeen Colbeck Member January 2024
TBD City Administrator  
TBD EDA Director  
Meets 2nd Monday of each month at 5:15 p.m.

Appointments and Committees

CARES Revolving Loan Available 
Southwest Regional Development Authority Commission has CARES Revolving Loan fund that offers a low interest with a 12 month deferred payment plan.

For more information go to: or call Robin Weis at (507) 836-1638.