Charter Commission

The Charter Commission is composed of seven (7) members, with four-year, staggered terms, appointed by the presiding judge in Pipestone County. Its function is to continue to study the local charter and government. The Commission is empowered to propose charter changes at any time. If the Charter at any time ceases to work out as was expected or proves to be faulty in operation, it is the Commission's duty to propose improvements. The Commission is required to meet annually but if proposed improvements or revisions to the current charter are necessary, they meet more frequently.

If you are interested in serving on the Charter Commission, please email the City Office.

Charter Commission

Charter Member
Term Expires
Steve Weets Member March 2023
Wes Kroening Member March 2025
Cindy Hartquist Member March 2025
Kristy Henriksen Member March 2025
Donna Straw Member March 2025
Rodger Smidt Council Liaison  
Dan Delaney Council Liaison  

The City of Pipestone is looking for 1 individual to serve a 4 year term on the Charter Commission. If you are interested in serving, please submit a letter of request to Deb Nelson, City Clerk, Pipestone City Office, 119 2nd Ave SW, Pipestone, MN 56164. 

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