Public Access Advisory CommiTTEE

The Public Access Advisory Committee is composed of five (5) members appointed for one (1) year terms. The Committee has the following duties:
    *    Determine and recommend to the Council the general policies and procedures to be followed by the Cable Access Coordinator,
          Committee members and volunteers.
    *    Determine and recommend to the Council the equipment necessary for the production of public access programming.
    *    Solicit gifts, contributions and membership fees to be made to the City for the purpose of providing funding for public access
    *    Receive recommendations and complaints from the public on the operation of the public access channel and recommend 
          changes to the Council as needed.
    *    Promote the public access channel as an asset to the community and its organizations and to develop participation in the 
          Public Access System by as many people and organizations as possible.

Meeting Location

Cable Access Studio
City Hall
119 2nd Ave. #9
Pipestone, MN 56164

 Phone: (507) 825-3324

Public Access Committee Members

Committee Members
Term Expires
Steve Moffitt Cable Access Coordinator January 2024
Dan Delaney Member January 2024
Mark Schumann Member January 2024
Bob Buffington Member January 2024
Arlene Bloemendaal Member January 2024
Rodger Smidt Council Liaison January 2024
Meets on an as needed basis

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